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When is your luckiest time? An astrological lifetime planning                   
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        Have you ever wonder when you can have a lucky break in life? Don't you wish that someone could have told you earlier so that you can at least prepare for possibly the only chance in your life?

        The simple fact remains that a great success is a rare occurrence because it requires a perfect combination of the right people taking the right actions at the right place and at the right time. For the most diligent among us, they keep trying different things until the course of actions becomes right and the time is ripe. For the lucky among us, somehow they just hit the jackpot at the first try. For the rest of us, we just drift in life and daydream for a good fortune to descend from heaven.

        Well, dream no longer. Applying the same ancient wisdom of astrology for the bad unlucky time, one can also find the most propitious periods in life. Using my online astro-analysis, you can find your luckiest period for the previous 30 and next 30 years. For obvious reasons, no astrologers would ever offer such service to you because you don't ever need to come back again. And you can get this information for just $2.99, which I use to defray the cost of website registration and hosting. I've got a day job not as a professional astrologer, and therefore I don't really need to charge you an arm and a leg for the reports (the usual charge by a professional astrologer is easily more than USD $200).

        Please note that if you do decide to obtain this report, you must also get other FREE reports on my site for your bad unlucky periods in your life. If your lucky periods coincide with the unlucky periods, you will really need to be very careful because most likely you will get both good & bad fortunes at the same time, and you could come out empty-handed after the period ends.

        How should you use this report? It basically outlines the fortunate periods (and unfortunate periods from the FREE reports) in your entire life. It's like a map of the ups & downs in your life. Before getting to the downturn, you should turn conservative in your affairs, while during the upturn, you could aggressively expand your affairs. Needless to say before the upturn, you would need to be prepared for your good luck. The worst thing that could happen is that a chance comes to your way, but you just aren't prepared to grab it.

        Using lottery as the simplest (but stupidiest) example, you need to buy the lottery tickets before (or during) your lucky period. The time of revelation (to you) on the lottery results MUST fall inside your lucky period (not when you buy your lottery, but it's most preferred). The preparation must be made beforehand. The lucky results would be delivered during your lucky period.

        IMPORTANT legal & general disclaimer here: I am providing the lucky time frames based on my personal knowledge of astrology. You should take the information as it is. I am not advocating any forms of gambling or investment/business speculation at all, although personally I will never buy a lottery ticket outside of my own lucky periods. The chance for success is obviously always low, and if I ever speculate, I want to maximize my chance by finding the right time. Besides, it requires certain natal chart indications to win a lottery of any substantial reward.

Birth Date
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How to use Google Map to find the latitude/longitude:
    First of all, click here at Google Map. Enter your birthplace address or just city/country in the textbox. Find the location of your birthplace on the map. Then use your mouse to right click on the map. You will see a sub-menu appearing on the screen. Choose "What's here" from the sub-menu. Now in the left-upper textbox, you will see two numbers appearing, which are the latitude and longitude numbers. Enter these numbers for just two decimal places.

Please click or select the following 40-year reports for what you want: (EACH of the report will take the computer 2 to 5 minutes to generate. It really takes that long due to the all the complicate calculations. Please have some patience to wait for the webpage to come up. I also suggest you to group your purchase into two reports each due to the long wait time for the server to compute the reports. If you have ANY problems with receiving the online reports, please email me at betterluck4you at

FREE report      If the birth time is off by 1 hour, the actual periods may be off by an average of 5 days.
FREE report      If the birth time is off by 1 hour, the actual periods may be off by an average of 0.375 day.
Here is another FREE report that is not directly related to your luck, but it will tell you when your life will have fairly BIG changes, but it's not possible to know whether it's good or bad.
FREE report     If the birth time is off by 1 hour, the actual periods may be off by an average of 15 days.
  1. $2.99 for your luckiest periods for 40 years     
  2. $1.49 for the secondary lucky periods for 40 years, (need accurate birthtime)     
  3. $1.49 for best time to improve your income (need accurate birthtime)     
  4. $1.99 for most likely time to buy home or real estate (need accurate birthtime)     
  5. $1.49 for best time for career expansion (need accurate birthtime)     
  6. $1.99 for best time for stock market investing or joint financial matters such as inheritance or loan (need accurate birthtime)     
  7. $0.49 for time period to be careful on facing a income/resource reduction     
  8. $0.49 for time period to be careful on joint finance matters such as stock investing     
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Time zone Instructions: You can find your time zone adjustment value here (search by city). The daylight saving history of each city is under the link "See time changes/daylight saving time in other years" after you find the city.
Here is the list of all time zone codes. Here are some examples,
      Pacific Standard Time (PST) is -8:00,       Eastern Standard Time (EST) is -5:00,
      Eastern European Time (EET) is +2:00,       Western European Time (WET) is -0:00, same as UTC,
      Japan     Standard Time (JST) is +9:00,       China     Standard Time (CST) is +8:00.

        Please note that in the report, for each lucky period, it would indicate potential areas of opportunities. Please note that not everyone will have their lucky time with finance listed as the top areas. Sometimes, it could be in real estate or home affairs; sometimes it could be in career. However, these lucky periods are the luckiest of your life, that usually your finance will be better, even when it is not listed as part of the potential areas. You should always take the opportunity to try your luck somehow in the respective areas and financially as well. Often money would come from the respective areas, but may not be as big since it is not the astrological focus. In any case, better trying than never as people say, because you would only get this lucky for just about 5 times in 90 years of your life (based on astrology). If I were you, I wouldn't want to miss my chance to better fortune.

        The financial navigation lifetime plan specifically focuses on financial matters throughout your life. These periods may not be the luckiest in your life, but they nevertheless grant fortunate time for various ways of money-making: real estate, stock investment/speculation, job promotion, career advancement, time for business partnership. I would combine all the lifetime reports including this money-making plan to navigate my life. Especially when there are overlapping lucky periods from the above three reports, it is even more promising. Carpe diem (seize the day) for the good time really doesn't come back (for many years again, at least according to astrology).

By using any of the services provided by this website, all users of this website agree to authorize to the site owner to employ any third party software/websites if required for their astrological analysis. All users of this website agree to treat the provided information as it is, without any further legal recourse.
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